Health and Safety

The role of Unifor Local 2002’s health and safety department is to promote the safety and health of it’s members by enforcing standards; providing training and education; establishing and cultivating partnerships; and encouraging continual process improvement in workplace safety and health committee’s.

The steps to follow for a complaint

An email needs to be sent to the employeur explaining the problem. Form attached

[forminator_form id=”2062″]

2 If you have not received a response after 30 days or you are not pleased with the outcome please fill out official complaint. Steps to follow below

a. connect to Aeronet

b. Select security ( top )

c. submint an sms report

d. re connect ( top right corner )

e. accept the conditions

f. re connect

g. select e-reports ( top right corner )

h. select new e report

i. select health and safety comlaint

j. fill out form and send

Health & Safety Representatives in the office

  • Bilodeau Jessy
  • El Cheikh Rola
  • Boyer Luc
Email for local Health and Safety

Right to Refuse Dangerous Work

OHS: Right to refuse dangerous work (LINK)

OHS: Work place refusal to work flow chart (LINK)

National Health and Safety Coordinator

 Sylvie Schmitt
National Health and Safety Coordinator – Air Canada Mainline
Tel: (905) 567-1114